Northeast Stars has a local and international community.



Northeast Stars Montessori is committed to increasing our student’s awareness of other cultures while encouraging them to be compassionate contributors to a global society.

Our international efforts include programs such as:

 Children in Timor-Leste, sponsored through ChildFund.

Children in Timor-Leste, sponsored through ChildFund.

Our local efforts include charitable outfits such as:

  • Sasha Bruce House
  • Healthy Babies Project

Help us make a difference! To support our charitable efforts through volunteerism, in-kind donations or financial contributions, call 703-945-0408. 


New Horizon Special School, Accra, Ghana (West Africa)

Northeast Stars is raising money to sponsor six educators and one administrator acting as Educational Ambassadors in a three-week teaching intensive at NHSS to:

  • Train NHSS teachers and administrators on innovative ways to teach curriculum that addresses individual needs

  • Implement more effective administrative and operational procedures as well as accountability measurements for staff

  • Revitalize classrooms to create environments that encourage maximum learning
  • Assist teachers with academic instruction in classrooms for 4-16 year olds

  • Facilitate vocational workshop classes for students who are at least 17 years old

New Horizon Special School (NHSS), established in 1972, delivers programs for children and adults who are intellectually disabled. The day school program for children ages 4-16 years old focuses on academic success. Additionally, NHSS has an Autism Resource Center where parents receive counseling services and children receive specialized help. The center was started in 2002, through the help of the Danish Disability Organization (DSI). NHSS also provides a vocational training and employment program for students 17 years and older who have intellectual disabilities. The Sheltered Vocational Workshop educates trainees on daily living skills, and trainees receive allowances from the sale of items they make which instills a sense of esteem and accomplishment in their ability to create a livelihood for themselves.

The Educational Ambassador Program is sponsored by Global Educational Council, a not-for-profit organization specializing in improving schools worldwide by training educators and designing and implementing educational programs that help under-served, disadvantaged children succeed academically, socially and economically. To learn more about Global Educational Consulting, visit 

Childfund and global outreach

Through ChildFund International, NES provides learning tools, immunization supplies, clothing, food, and other necessities to four children in Africa and India. Students prepare care packages of art supplies, books and gifts for their friends across the world to give them hope and encouragement.