For VA/Alexandria Licensing, please visit:

Virginia Department of Social Services

Regarding recent Visits from the ALexandria Health Department:

On May 6, 2016, the Alexandria Health Dept. visited our classroom at our Alexandria location.  Unlike all previous visits, the licensing officer sited our staff for:

  • "Not sanitizing utensils, equipment or food prep areas before use after cleaning".

For many years, our teachers have prepared snack in the morning. Our teachers have food handlers certificates. Our staff use clean, sanitized equipment, and gloves while handling all food, including the lunch that parents bring for their children.

The health inspector was not in the building when the snack was prepared. The health department inspector was not in the building when the children were eating snack.  The classroom and lunch/snack area had been cleaned.  There were no violations with regard to the cleanliness of the classroom.  The health inspector made several erroneous assumptions without seeing any of the violations.  

The violation is in regard to the fact that we do not have a three basin industrial sink installed in our classroom. 

The installation of the sink is simple from a contractor point of view.  Our contractor installed a three basin industrial sink two years ago,  but we had to tear it out.  Here are the required steps for the City of Alexandria to install the sink.

  1. Hiring an architect to develop plans to install the sink and submit those blueprints to the City of Alexandria
  2. Filling out several forms and submitting those forms to the zoning department and the Health Department of Alexandria.
  3. Waiting for approval, after all forms have been processed by the city, and the architect plans approved.
  4. Inspection of our new hot water heater, which was installed last year after a lengthy process of filling out forms, and getting approval for the hot water heater in relationship to the certificate of occupancy and square feet load of the school.

We have been told that if the three basin industrial kitchen sink has been sized to the classroom but has not been sized correctly to the new hot water heater, that we will have to replace the hot water heater, and go through that process again, before we can install and get approval for the sink.

From this point forward, we will provide pre-cut and packaged foods to our children in the Alexandria classroom, effective immediately.