Interested in our Schools?

Now it's time to apply! Take a look at our inquiry package, schedule a visit, and fill out an application to start our admission process. Look below for a step-by-step enrollment process.

Inquiry Package

Included in our inquiry package is our tuition schedule, our daily schedule, our school calendar, an admission form, space sharing information, and a letter thanking you for your inquiry! We have a rolling admissions process through out our school year.  Admission is based on your child's age.  You are welcome to call 703-945-0408 or send an email to to express your interest. 

school observation

Schedule an Observation with Us!

Schedule an observation or a phone consultation with us by using the link above or by emailing expressing your interest. Prospective Parent Observations are hosted once a month during the school year (August-May).  Alexandria Observations take place Thursdays at 9:30 AM; DC Observations take place Wednesdays at 9:30 AM.  Observations last approximately 60 minutes. Please note that observations do not take place during Summer Camp weeks. We do not allow drop in visits.

Submit an Application

Submit the Application

Ready to enroll? Submit the completed application form (which can be filled out electronically!) with the application fee to begin your admissions process. Your application will be acknowledged, and if there is an opening for your child we will continue with the enrollment process! We balance our classrooms by age and gender. If the program is full, you will be placed on the wait list. Don’t be discouraged if your child is put on the wait list; our wait list is constantly changing.

Submit registration forms and deposit

Once your child is accepted, you will receive a registration packet containing required registration forms.  Please submit these forms and the school deposit to secure the spot for your child.  You will also receive a welcome packet that contains our parent handbook, as well as general information about our daily schedule, etc.

First Visits

After the registration forms have been taken care of, your child's lead teacher will contact you to schedule your child for a first visit. The purpose is to determine your child’s readiness, to familiarize your child with the environment, and to help determine the best classroom placement for your child.