Child Fund Program

For over 15 years, NES has been a sponsor for more than 8 children in places like Uganda, India and Asia.

Below is a little about some of the children we sponsor. To get more information about our sponsors and to learn more, please contact:

tulasa Bate

Tulasa is a young girl from Malkangiri, Odisha, India. Her family has overcome many hardships. Tulasa’s parents both work long tiring hours as farm laborers to support the family, which includes her brother and sister. She loves helping her family with at home activities and chores. Her favorite foods are rice and fish curry. Recently, she participated in the Children Festival and talent show and was excited to receive sports materials for playing! Tulasa also loves playing ball games and studying, Oriya, which is a regional language.  

Rani Kundu

Rani is also a young girl from Malkangiri, Odisha, India. She loves to color and sends us lots of beautiful drawings. She enjoys helping her family around the home, especially since her father passed away and her mother is sick. Rani is an only child and works hard to support her family as a laborer when she is not in school. She also enjoys ball games with friends.

Neneh Wularch

Neneh, is a young girl from Sierra Leone. Her favorite things are farming and cooking. Although not in school, she enjoys learning English and language. Farming seems to be her passion. She has sent lots of photos with goats. She loves to discuss things she is learning to do such as how she learns to plant her cassava farms. She lives with her siblings in a mud brick house covered in zinc and sleeps in a locally made bed of mosquito netting. Her family and extended family are very large, which is hard on her, but she is always fun to be around and extremely friendly. 

Nelson Dos Santos

Nelson is a smart young man from Timor-Leste, which is in Asia. He’s from a rather large family, with three sisters and three brothers. His family speaks Kemak, which is the spoken language in his region. Nelson’s home, which has three rooms, was built by his family. The walls are made of palm branches and the roof of palm leaves. There is no electricity. They collect their water from a nearby well.  He excels in Portuguese class and loves to spend time playing soccer with his friends. Nelson has a tough time in Math class but has gotten better! When he grows up, Nelson wants to become a doctor.  

Bhargavi Seerapu

Bhargavi is a young woman from India who was in a tragic predicament when both of her parents passed away. Thankfully, her maternal uncle came forward to care for her. Bhargavi’s uncle works as a mechanic but doesn’t make enough money. Their living situation is deplorable.  Her favorite subject in class is physics and mathematics. Bhargavi writes to us about the end of summer and how much rain they have been getting. Of course, going back to school after summer is always tough! She enjoys this season the most because there is an abundance of Mangos and Jackfruits. Also, she gets to enjoy Chrysanthemums and Jasmine flowers. 

Peter Napenda

Peter is a young boy from Uganda. His parents are poor peasants and live in a semi permanent house. Through our donations, his family was able to plant a substantial amount of food grown on their land, and his father was able to build them a new home. His aunt, Judith, wrote thanking us for our donations and gave updates on Peter since he spends his time in school! Peter loves playing ball games with his friends. He is known as a very active boy who is so happy and friendly to everyone. 

Awa Deme

Awa is a young girl from Senegal, living far away from the capital city in the Wolof ethnic group. Her father is a farmer who grows millet in the rainy season. A great part of the crop is used for the family to eat, while the rest is sold for money. Their home does not have electricity or running water. Through the program, Awa has gained access to school lunches, supplies and the school garden. She loves the rain the most! Her family thanks us for the goat donation, cereal and child protection services that she has access to now. We have received letters from her older brother while she is away during summer vacations. Awa loves playing with dolls that she makes from rags, running small errands and playing with her neighborhood friends. 

Mathews Mutanga 

Mathews is a young man from the Tonga tribe. He worships at the Pentecostal church.  He has two brothers and lives with his parents, who are peasant farmers. They grow maize to earn their income and they get to consume their surplus crop. They have no other source of income. Similar to the other boys, Mathews loves playing soccer and ball games with his friends.

After reading about our amazing sponsors, if you want to help by donation, support of child fund, or writing letters contact: