Northeast Stars Montessori preschools

successfully nurturing young minds in the D.C. Metro area for over 16 years.

How does NES accomplish this?

Northeast Stars Montessori Preschools are distinct in being a professionally run preschool with an eye to individualized attention.  The "every child is the same" technique does not apply within NES walls.  NES prides itself on its ability to adapt with changing times, and it shows in how teachers and staff respond to parents and children.  Every child is a learner unto himself, and NES teachers are confident in their ability to engage each child successfully.  

Here are some ways NES strives to be the best choice for you and your family's needs:

  • NES teachers and parents come together to create a supportive community for families and children

  • Teachers and staff are a wealth of information about transitions, school days, and other aspects of your child's daily life

  • NES is an encouraging family friendly environment

  • NES Curriculum focuses on the individual child and their needs, as well as cooperative and group play

  • NES works with City of Alexandria Public School's Support System