Here's what people are saying about us...

“Last summer, we were ready to send our son, then 2 and a half, to pre-school, but were worried he was not ready.  He was not particularly verbal, and could be very ‘high maintenance’.  I honestly feared they would send him back after  a week or two because he would be too disruptive. Instead, by the third day of school,  our son was happily walking in in the morning happy as a clam, and the teachers said you could barely hear a peep out of him. He is happy to go to school every morning and speaks enthusiastically about his friends and teachers.  NE Stars transformed him from toddler to preschooler in a surprisingly seamless manner.”
— M. M. (DC Campus)
“I can’t emphasize enough how pleased I have been with my daughter’s experience at Northeast Stars Montessori.  Before I enrolled her at NES, each morning was a struggle.  Now she has such excitement about school that our mornings together are pleasant and easy-going.  My daughter is always happy to talk about her friends at NES, including her teachers, and she loves to choose items from nature or from around the house to share and explore with classmates.  In the last year, my daughter’s language skills, creativity, social graces, sense of community, and sense of self have blossomed.  Best of all, she is having fun!  NES is a truly a gem.”
— H. L. (Alexandria Old Towne Campus)
“We simply could not be happier with NES Alexandria.  Our 4-year old child has a severe nut allergy, and the teachers are extraordinarily supportive and attentive to ensure he has a safe environment.  Snack and meal times are well-controlled, and communication with parents is excellent to ensure everyone understands the boundaries.  The carefully laid-out classroom lends itself to calm, relaxed learning.  Rather than overwhelm the children with plastic toys and loud colors, NES has created an inviting space in which the children often determine their own activities and develop the ability to independently learn, play, and socialize.  Since he began attending NES, we’ve noticed significant improvement in our child’s interactions with other children, as well as a high interest in math and reading as he excitedly tells us about his day’s activities.  We highly recommend NES Alexandria!”
— S. A. (Alexandria Old Towne Campus)
“The day before my son was to attend the school, while we were visiting,  Ms Booker asked us some basic words in our native language to connect with our son and she kept going, learning some other words during the year to teach him English. Because my son is unable to speak English well enough to express his feelings, Ms Lindeman gave him permission to bring a comfort toy. It really really makes him comfortable.  Ms Lindeman called me when he was upset about something and told me he can mention it, so that I could understand him and explain the issue. I really liked it. I was prepared and could help him to understand things better.  I liked the photos taken during the week and send us at the end of each week [in parent newsletters].”
— A. Y. (Arlington Campus)
“Our son started at Northeast Stars Montessori seven months ago on his second birthday. We sought an environment that provided a purposeful curriculum, but one that still allowed him freedom to explore his interests.  Another consideration for enrolling our son into a Montessori program was our son’s lack of expressive language skills for his age: he basically did not speak when he began school. Since enrolling our son at NE Stars his language skills have exploded.  We can attribute some of his progress to natural development and work that we did outside of school, but we feel that his time spent at NE Stars contributed greatly to his rapid language growth.  What we love most about NE Stars is how excited our son is when he is dropped off in the mornings, and seeing how happy he is with his friends and teachers.  The school makes learning fun and promotes safe social interactions for all of the friends.”
— D. P. (DC Campus)