What we did this week

september 13, 2019

Today the Tulips practiced washing our dishes. We demonstrated how to carefully pick up the utensils and dishes, soap them up really well (the fun part), rinse, and dry them. The Daisies worked on classification by sorting blue, green, and clear marbles and sorting buttons of different colors.

Washing Dishes 09-13-2019.jpg
Washing Dishes 02 09-13-2019.jpg

september 16, 2019

Today the Tulips continued to find work and focused patterns: What they are and how to make them. We practiced making some as a whole class and then made our own patterns. We used assorted colored blocks with little teacher assistance to create new patterns.

The Daisies continued to find work and focused on classification today. They used cutout stars of different sizes and discussed which was big, bigger, and biggest. We had a fun time discovering the differences.

september 17, 2019

Today the Daisies continued practice with classification. They grouped shapes by size and then by color to accomplish this work. We then played a matching game where the teacher held a specific shape and asked a daisy to find the shape that looks the same. Once found, we identified the shape and its sides (if applicable).

Shape Classification 09-17-2019.jpg

The Tulip friends practiced our sight words and walking carefully with our work. We practiced saying each letter sound to see how each site word is formed. We had a blast.

Walking With Work 09-17-2019.jpg