What we did this week

November 11, 2019

NES students concluded their Cards of Hope by writing a personalized message of encouragement. The cards will be sent to children sponsored in the NES Child Fund Program. Please see our website Child Fund Program page for more information. https://www.nestars.net/child-fund-program

Cards of Hope 11-08-2019.jpg

november 5, 2019

Today the children used cylinders. They practiced feeling the shape of the cylinder, the space it came from, discussed how it differed from the other space, and why it would or would not fit a specific space. After reviewing how to use the work, each child put on a blind fold and practiced putting all pieces of the work in the correct space.

Cylinder - Blindfold 11-05-2019.jpg

The students also worked with the green knob-less cylinders. We demonstrated how to stack, unstack, and put away the cylinders. Our friends were very excited to see how high they could build and if it would stay or fall down.

Cylinder Stacking 11-05-2019.jpg

november 6, 2019

Today our students started their “Hand of Hope” cards. We used paint, construction paper, and our hand prints to make the front of our cards. Tomorrow when the cards have dried, we will write (with the help of our teachers) what the children would like the cards to say. These cards will be part of the care packages we are assembling to send off for Thanksgiving for our Child Fund Program.

Painted Hands 11-06-2019.jpg