At Northeast Stars, we welcome toddlers into a warm, secure, positive, and challenging environment where they can comfortably begin to explore the world.

Our Toddlers are 24-36 months.

According to research, our earliest experiences and interactions establish emotional health and our ability to learn. The teachers at NES use the highly acclaimed Montessori method creating an environment that promotes development in problem solving, self-directed responsibility, and concentration to deal with positive experiences as well as frustrations in navigating independence.

The toddler classroom focuses on several key developmental areas:

  • Practical life—including care of person and bathroom independence

  • Functional independence—completion of work cycles

  • Grace and courtesy—living in community with others

  • Language—enrichment and extension

  • Socialization—beginnings of social membership

  • Movement exploration—large and refined motor skills

Every toddler will engage in many activities to support sensory and perpetual development, self-help skills, physical and motor skills, and social and emotional growth such as:

  • Pouring, sweeping, dusting, and table setting

  • Buttoning and zipping

  • Knobbed puzzles and bead stringing

  • Music and singing

  • Nature walks

  • Field trips to cultural festivals and museums

  • Storytelling

  • Nature walks

  • Field trips to cultural festivals and museums